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    I highly recommend Owen

    Owen has done my taxes for the last 20 years. Throughout that time I have gone from having a full time job, to being self-employed to being retired and on a pension. He has worked with me with all the scenarios and kept me "in the black" throughout. I highly recommend Owen for getting your taxes done.

    by Bob
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    Less than the other quotes I received

    I had over 10 years of taxes to deal with. I call Owen and he provided service right to my home. He reassured throughout the process and completed my 10 years worth of taxes for less than the other quotes I received. He also delivered them right to my door. And to top it off, he managed to get me significant refunds across the board! I will definitely be using Owen going forward!

    by Allan
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    I have always placed my trust in Owen

    While Owen has no current certifications for tax planning or financial planning, he is extremely knowledgeable on both subjects. He keeps things simple and ensures that the taxes we pay are minimized and the money in OUR pocket is maximized! Owen has done my family and corporate taxes for almost 30 years.

    He takes the time to explain everything in detail, but in laymen's terms. He provides detailed notes on the course of action, what steps are to be taken, when they are to be taken and the expected outcome.

    I have always placed my trust in Owen and am happy to recommend him to anyone who needs assistance with tax planning, tax preparation and financial planning for both personal and corporate taxes.

    by Kel - Landscaping Corporation
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    Owen was more helpful than all my other professional advisors

    I would like to thank you so much for all of your help with my taxes and finances. Even though I had an accountant, a financial planner and an investment advisor, I was shocked when I found myself facing a very large tax liability this year that will occur again in future years. None of those people prepared me for this nor did they counsel me on how to deal with this in a financially responsible way.

    Owen, you were the only person who took the time to ask the appropriate questions to uncover why this was happening. You took the time to listen to me and understand my specific financial situation. You provided me with information that was never before explained to me by any of my other financial professionals. After you clearly articulated, exactly what my situation was and why I was in it, you worked diligently with me to come up with a solid financial plan and a tax plan that allowed me to eliminate my tax liability completely! In addition, we also worked out a long term strategy to address future liabilities. You broke this down and explained everything to me in direct, simple laymen's terms.

    Not only did you help me set up a budget and set up a process to ensure that I kept to my budget, you also helped me set up appropriate bank accounts and select credit cards that were the best choices for me and my situation.

    Thank you for showing me how to go from being in a very negative and stressful financial situation to turning it around for me and giving me solid advice and solutions. You made a very stressful situation go away.

    I would highly recommend you to anyone who needs tax or financial planning!

    by Sharyn
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    I would go nowhere else but to Owen to have my taxes done.

    I have trusted Owen to do my taxes for over 20 years now and when I have needed specific answers to befuddling questions, he has always come through for me.

    In addition to my income tax, he has helped me with my Guaranteed Income Supplement and my subsidized rental forms. One recent year, the government lost my husband's tax return, in turn denying many credits on my return. They sent me a tax bill for $700 which I could not afford! Owen dealt with the government and constantly reassuring me throughout the process, that it would be ok. He refiled my husband's return and the $700 tax bill went away. Although I was a nervous wreck about the whole thing, he made sure it all worked out.

    The best thing for me is Owen will come to my home to pick up and deliver my tax papers and this is really appreciated since I am now a semi mobile senior.

    I would go nowhere else but to Owen to have my taxes done.

    by Patty