About Me

I am a retired accountant (I was a Certified General Accountant for many years).

My career as a professional has included financial reporting, profitability analysis, planning and budgeting at 3 major financial institutions, implementing accounting and management systems for a software company and providing financial planning and advice and tax preparation on my own.

I have 30 years experience in Bookkeeping, Accounting and Tax. While I may not be a certified accountant, investment advisor or tax planner I have accumulated a vast wealth of valuable knowledge and experience that I have utilized to provide excellent strategies for my clients. I have a proven track record of giving financial advice to legally minimize taxes. I have also prepared many budgets and investment strategies for people to save money, improve their tax situation or create more wealth in their family.

Many clients have become life-time clients adding additional services throughout the years. I believe that kind of trust speaks for itself and I know you will be happy with my services too.

My friends started call me "The Mad Accountant" years ago and it stuck as I don't fit the mold of your typical accountant. I am little bit more rock and roll than your average accountant. But I get the job done!

Contact me today to learn more about how I can help you.

Owen D. Tulk

Email: iam@themadaccountant.com

2 Campbell Dr.
Suite 573
Uxbridge, On.
L9P 0A3

I look forward to working with you.

What I Do


  • Small business financial planning
  • Business coaching
  • Budgeting and cash flow analysis
  • Money Management Consulting
  • Financial Statements preparation and analysis
  • Tax preparation
  • Full Payroll Services
  • Bookkeeping and Accounting
  • HST Returns


  • Personal financial coaching
  • Budgeting and cash flow analysis
  • Money Management Consulting
  • TFSA recommendations
  • Financial analysis for seniors
  • Personal tax planning
  • Tax preparation
  • Strategic investment guidance
  • Finding ways to put more money in YOUR pocket